Tulip Sleeve Top + Life Lately Update

spring maternity style

Happy Monday! We had another busy weekend. It’s like we can’t escape the to-do list. Do you ever feel like you can’t catch up?

I’m sure I’ll document fun house projects in the future- specifically the soon to start transformation of the room we’ll use for baby. So far all we’ve done is clear out old furniture and make a mess of the closet. We had just a hanging bar and a shelf, which Mathew removed two weeks ago. We were hoping to make some progress on that this weekend, but we decided at the last minute to take a bunch of things over to my mom’s house and have a garage sale… no big deal.

If you were ever confused about where the name Starry Eyed came from, this is a prime example. Sure, let’s have a garage sale. It will be fun.

Said no one ever.

Just over a week ago we decided to take advantage of my mom’s garage and neighborhood sale. Back in January I read through Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I started by decluttering my wardrobe, then continued on to the rest of the house.

I got rid of so much stuff!

But I didn’t really ‘get rid’ of it. What I did was stockpile it all in a basement bedroom. We had SO much stuff. It’s amazing what you think you’ll need or use when you get married and buy a house, and eve more amazing what two people can accumulate over 5 years.

I was a little ashamed of all the excess. But, we had enough to host a small garage sale in combination with my mom. So, last Saturday we priced all our goods and this past weekend we hauled them over to my mom’s for a one day sale.

We made a couple hundred bucks, so it was worth the effort! Plus, we’ve been selling a few bigger things on Craigslist (an old dresser, a twin bed, our old mattress, a light fixture, our file cabinet, etc.).

It’s been nice to clear out the house, make room for baby, and get a little bit of money coming in all at once.

Have you done a major house declutter before? Did you sell, donate, or both? I’m curious to know!

Now I have two whole rooms (future baby room and the room in the basement) that seem so much bigger now that all the stuff is gone. I think our house lifted up a few inches! Yikes.

So, that was Saturday and truthfully Friday evening too getting everything set up. We were so tired after cleaning up and getting home on Saturday. Plus, it was SO hot this weekend! It was in the 90’s. We came home, took cold showers, and napped for a bit.

Then we headed downtown to a new brewery called City Built Brewing. We went with my family and one of my dad’s colleges visiting from South Africa. Of course, I can’t drink right now, but everyone found at least one or two beers they liked. They brew all their beers in house and they’ve got other Michigan made cider and wine too.

They’ve got some great food as well, I think it’s classified as Puerto Rican. So, it’s a little unique compared to some of the other breweries. Lots of vegan and gluten free options.

Sunday was filled with church, running errands, grocery shopping, dinner with family, cleaning and laundry. It was too hot and I was too tired for blog photos. Luckily we shot this look last week. How fun is this micro striped top from LOFT with a little tulip sleeve detail? Also, I found a pair of inset panel maternity jeans I’m loving. I have only one pair of pre-pregnancy denim that still fits, so I’m making the switch!

Hopefully tonight we can shoot a look or two for later this week and next. Then, it’s another busy week.

Mathew’s back in the swing of softball season with a local league (pun intended) and on Thursday I’m attending the LGPA Grand Taste preview thanks to my awesome friends at Meijer.

So busy! But life is good.

spring maternity style

Maternity Style Tips

tulip sleeve striped top from LOFT

Maternity Clothes - Tips to Help You Shop

leopard print clutch

spring maternity style + maternity shopping tips

Maternity Clothes - Tips to Help You Shop

tulip sleeve striped top from LOFT

tulip sleeve striped top from LOFT

spring maternity style

Outfit Details: tulip sleeve top – LOFT (non-maternity here) | skinny jeans – Gap (non-maternity here) | leopard clutch – Sole Society | statement earrings – Ann Taylor | wedge sandals – Steve Madden | sunglasses – Target | lipstick – Neutrogena MoistureSmooth in Pink Grapefruit

Shop the Look

How was your weekend? Is it feeling like summer where you live? What’s been keeping you busy lately? Have you ever had a garage sale? Do you shop them often? What about Craigslist? We hadn’t done too much previous to this experience.



PS- simple ways to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.