My Go-To Summer Dress

maternity styleHappy Wednesday! I’ve got a little hump-day-bump-day update for you guys today. 🙂 Also, I’m talking about my favorite summer dress so far. I have this dress in black and this blue and white striped print and I’ve absolutely loved wearing it so far this summer!

I love that this tee dress (non-maternity!) has longer sleeves and the v-neck is great. My favorite part is the midi-length and the lightweight, softspun fabric.

It’s been great to dress down with sandals and a basic tote like I did here. I’ve also worn it with wedges and nicer jewelry for a fancier occasion, work, or to church on the weekend. I’m hoping it will stretch and fit for a little bit longer too.

Anyways, you may be here for my little bumpdate. So, I’ll cut to the chase. 🙂 We had our anatomy ultrasound at the end of June and found out we’re having a boy!

maternity style

It was such a blessing to have an ultrasound and see our little guy. It’s pretty incredible to see the four chambers of the heart and all the bones, fingers, toes and little tiny baby parts. We’re still thanking God that as far as they can tell our baby looks healthy.

We had our parents over the Friday after our ultrasound to tell them all at once. Our technician took a picture of the ‘gender’ which I photocopied before our parents came over. We passed out the paper (face down) and had everyone flip it over at the same time to see who could guess the gender. It took everyone a minute to figure out what exactly they were looking at (ultrasounds are difficult to read!) before someone finally guessed it!

I definitely feel like knowing the gender has made everything so real. Each step of the way there’s something else that happens to sort of cement this idea that there’s a baby on the way. Things like hearing the heartbeat, starting to show, feeling the baby move, starting to show more. Knowing that we’re having a boy has added to that feeling that we’re definitely having a baby!

I also felt like once I hit 21 weeks my belly popped out a bit more. There’s no hiding it now!

Some of the body changes have been tough, but having a little more of a baby bump helps me feel more pregnant and less like I just ate too many tacos.

The other fun thing about finding out the gender and being over the halfway point is that we’re thinking more about the nursery now. I sort of picked out the furniture pieces I wanted but that was pretty much it. I hadn’t really bought anything and I had no idea about paint colors, etc.

I’m not really a “if it’s a boy the room must be blue and if it’s a girl everything will be pink” kind of person, but we did want some color in the baby’s room. I ordered a rug that came on Monday which has blue tones in it, so probably there will be quite a bit of blue! I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes. 🙂

We also took a fun trip to IKEA over the weekend and bought a rocking chair and a dresser and some other fun baby things. I think we’ll probably pick a paint color this week and make some more progress on the room.

I’m happy to do a nursery reveal post later on if that’s something you’re interested in. It’s been really fun to think about designing the space and turning a mostly empty room into a space where our little boy will grow up!

I’m also not ashamed to admit that I’ve been standing in the baby’s room and staring into the closet (where all the little gifts and small purchases we’ve made so far are being stored) and just taking in all the tiny things. I’m told this is normal! 🙂 I walk into the room and just peek in the closet every night before bed and it fills my heart with joy and my head with happy thoughts as I prepare to fall asleep.

striped midi-dress

striped midi-dress - maternity style

coral lipstick + statement earrings

striped midi-dress

striped midi-dress - maternity style

Outfit Details: striped dress – Gap | leopard sandals – similar | straw tote – J.Crew | statement earrings – Ann Taylor | coral lipstick – similar

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Do you have a favorite or go-to summer dress? If you’re a mom, did you find out your baby’s gender before baby arrived? Have you ever thought about whether you’ll find out? What are your thoughts on gender reveal parties?



PS – another summer dress I love is this floral one.