L’Oreal Clay Beauty Trends with Meijer

L'Oreal Clay Face MaskI am so excited to partner with Meijer to bring you this post! A few weeks ago Meijer sent me a huge box full of amazing products to refresh my beauty routine for spring (I shared everything on Instagram stories). Today I’m sharing my favorite items from the haul- the line of L’Oreal clay products.

I knew that some sort of clay products were coming in this box, and I was really excited to try everything out. I was expecting the shampoo and conditioner to be thick and clay-like, but in reality, they have the same consistency of regular shampoo and conditioner. Everything smells amazing and feels pretty luxurious too- hard to believe they’re not salon products. I received a pre-shampoo hair mask, shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo, and two different clay masks.

L'Oreal Clay

To give you a little background, I have super-fine hair. I typically shower at night and go to bed with wet hair, so I don’t blow dry every day. I sometimes style it in the mornings using hot tools, but usually, save ambitious hair goals for weekends. I maybe get my hair colored once or twice a year, so overall my hair type is fine, soft, neither dry nor oily, and not very damaged. I’m slowly breaking my habit of shampooing my hair every day and trying to move to every other day.

Clay Hair Mask.

The hair mask is used pre-shampoo on dry hair. It has to sit in the roots for 10 minutes. The instructions don’t recommend a frequency, so I went with about 3x per week, which is about how often I use shampoo. For use, I worked the mask into my roots throughout my hair and clipped my hair back. I timed the mask about 5 minutes before I planned to shower.

The mask, like everything in this line of L’Oreal clay products, smells amazing. It dries over the 10 minutes and gets sort of stiff. Once in the shower, it rinses out well under water. Using the clay mask helped me feel better about going longer between washing my hair with shampoo.

While it was drying I did other things, like brush my teeth, apply a face mask, or even vacuum. Hey, I’m all about efficiency. 😉

L'Oreal Clay Hair Mask

Clay Shampoo and Conditioner.

I’m a sucker for beauty products that smell good. And good-smelling beauty products, to me anyways, aren’t overly fruity or floral. Not only do the clay shampoo and conditioner smell clean and fresh in the shower, they continue to keep my hair smelling good throughout the day. I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner every other day to keep my hair clean.

One concern I have when it comes to finding the right shampoo for my hair type is that most products weigh my hair down, making it limp and flat. Because of this, I’m typically hesitant to try new hair care products. I’m happy to report I didn’t experience flat hair after using the L’Oreal Clay shampoo or conditioner. This duo gets a thumbs up from me.

Clay Dry Shampoo.

This might be my favorite product in the entire line. I usually use multiple brands of hair care products, so it was interesting using all L’Oreal products from start to finish, including the dry shampoo. Like the others, this product smells clean and fresh. It’s not floral or perfumed, but it smells clean.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of a dry shampoo with clay, but this works as well as what I used previously (something by TRESemmé), but smells even better. I told you- give me all the good-smelling things.

I typically use dry shampoo on mornings after my evening shower to get my hair to cooperate. I will also use it on clean hair before I style with any sort of hot tool. Because my hair is so fine, it holds curls better if it’s a little dirty, and dry shampoo helps accomplish that.

L'Oreal Clay Hair Care

Clay Face Masks.

I’ve never really used a mask before trying the L’Oreal clay masks, so I don’t have anything to compare by, but I had a lot of fun putting the masks on these past few weeks. I’ve been blessed with even and mostly unblemished skin, so I haven’t had to put a lot of thought into what beauty treatments might help my skin. I don’t know that I need a mask, and I didn’t necessarily notice a drastic difference in my skin after using these, but they were fun.

There’s something about slathering on a clay face mask at night that feels relaxing. It was like mini-spa sessions in my bathroom during the week. The box recommends use about 3 times each week. What I did was put my hair mask on, then my face mask, then waited 10-15 minutes before hopping in the shower to rinse everything away.

Meijer sent me two masks- one was a clay and charcoal mixture meant to detox and brighten skin, and the other was a clay and red algae mixture to exfoliate and refine pores. The charcoal mask was navy blue, and I think I scared the living daylights out of my husband the first time I wore it! The clay and algae mask is red and had an exfoliating component as it went on and also as it was rinsed off.

To use, I applied an even layer to clean dry skin, avoiding my eyes and lips. I left the mask on for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed off in the shower. The masks came off pretty easily, and neither irritated my skin, which can be somewhat sensitive. Both masks suggest using 3 times each week for best results. L’Oreal also suggests that these masks are good to use for all skin types.

L'Oreal Clay Face Mask

L'Oreal Clay Face Mask

L'Oreal Clay Face Mask

The great thing about these products is that you don’t have to go to the department store and fork over a small fortune to afford them. I really loved all these L’Oreal clay products, however, I would personally classify the hair mask and face masks under ‘luxury’ beauty products. They aren’t necessary parts of my beauty routine, but I’ve really enjoyed using them, and plan to continue the face mask fun a couple times a week.

There’s something about taking the time to apply a hair mask or a beauty mask that I think induces a positive psychological change. And, maybe that’s why it’s a beauty routine, not a personal hygiene routine. It feels nice to go the extra step, treat my hair and skin to a little something special, and spend a little more time on my appearance.

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What beauty trends have you seen for spring? Are you all over the clay trends, or is this the first you’ve heard? Where do you purchase your beauty products? Do you ever mix up your routine to try something new? Are you a drug store or department store shopper, or a mix?

Be sure to tune into my Instagram stories this week where I’ll be sharing one different beauty product from Meijer each day- including my thoughts on the Colgate optic White toothbrush with built-in whitening pen, and some fun Covergirl makeup products.



A special thank you to Meijer for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.