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Notch Neck Tee | Leaving Fear Behind

casual style | notch neck tee

Outfit Details: notch neck tee | distressed high-waisted denim | similar ankle boots | mini Fawn Design bag | stud earrings | lipstick in ‘spicy blush’

Okay, keeping with the theme of an outfit and then some, today I wanted to share this casual look with the softest notch neck tee and also talk about my resolution to give up fear during Lent (whaaat? More on that in a second).

Since I’m still not working (yay for extended leave at home with my little man) my style has been super casual. Some days I stay in leggings and a sweatshirt with no makeup- just keeping it real over here! Other days, I reach for denim and a tee or a sweater. Read More

Essential Oils + Scent Bursts | How do you make your home smell good?

Essential Oil DiffuserHappy Monday! I’m back in action this week. Thanks for being gracious as I took a break. I have some fun content planned for this week and next, so stay tuned!

No matter how busy life gets, I’m always thankful for our home. Our house is a calming place where I can unwind and relax. Today I thought it might be fun to chat about how you make your house smell good? I’ve been trying some new things lately including essential oils and something called a scent burst, and I want to know what you’re using? Read More

How to Style a Black Maxi Skirt

how to style a black maxi skirtI think I’ve said it before, but I’m not afraid to say it again. I love dressing for the weekend. I have a little more time in the mornings to get started and take some creative liberties with my outfit, hair and makeup. I also like brainstorming what looks to shoot for the blog. It really helps me explore all outfit options in my closet- especially when I’m on a budget. Today, I’m styling this black maxi skirt for a casual weekend look. Read More