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Floral Blouse | Fall Transition Outfit for Work

floral utility blouse - maternity styleI think most people are over the rules about wearing white after Labor Day. Personally, I think it makes sense to wear what you love- especially if it’s weather appropriate and styled for the proper season. My husband, who is wonderful on all accounts, doesn’t appreciate the rule change. He joked that I’d have to find someone else to take these photos because he doesn’t approve.

Either way, it’s been a warm September in West Michigan. We’ve had several days with temperatures in the 80’s and quite a bit of humidity. Read More

Trying the New Isabel Maternity Line from Target

fall maternity styleA few weeks ago another blogger posted an Instagram story sharing a dress she ordered from Target’s new Isabel Maternity line (see it all here). I took a peek on one of my last Target trips, and decided to try a few pieces. Read More

Things I Love about Fall | Maternity Chambray Dress

Fall Maternity Style

It’s crazy how quickly the weather has changed in Michigan. It feels like fall this week- I was cold at Mathew’s softball game last night! Summer lovers might be mad about it, but I’m not. Maybe you’re sick of hearing me say so, but I’m ready for fall.

I thought I’d share a little more about why I love this season so that maybe you’ll be okay with me being so okay with the change in weather. 😉 And, if you’re one of those summer lovers, please know I fully acknowledge there are still a few official weeks left of summer. Read More

Fall Outfit Ideas | Starry Eyed Style No. 1

Best of Fall Style | Fall Outfit Inspiration

It’s crazy to think that kids are already starting back to school and that September first is in just a few days! Today I’m throwing it back to the best of fall from last year and sharing some fall outfit ideas. Read More

Work Basics | Maternity Pieces for the Office

maternity outfit for workI will be the first to admit that I used to do a much better job of balancing work wardrobe pieces and casual outfits on the blog. Since January, I’ve been at a job that has a much less strict wardrobe policy, and I’ve been able to wear denim to work. It’s been nice not to have to purchase an entire maternity wardrobe of professional clothing, but I’ve definitely needed some new pieces for the office.

I’ve pulled some work appropriate maternity styles to offer a little bit of inspiration for the office if you find yourself struggling. Read More