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Summer Sandal Wish List

tassel tote and espadrille wedgesHappy Friday! I was hoping that spring weather would be in full swing by now, but it’s actually been a bit cold here! Like, in the 40’s and 50’s this week– burr! So, I’m engaging in some wishful summer thinking today and rounding up some fun picks for summer sandals. Read More

How to Style a Long Cardigan for Spring

long cardigan and tassel toteI will be the first to admit I’m almost always cold. In the summer, I’m that person at the office whose teeth are chattering in the AC, and who wears sweaters layered over cute summer outfits to stay warm. Even growing up I remember wearing a sweater around the house in the summer because my mom’s air conditioning always left me feeling cold.

There’s nothing I love more than being cozy. Even in spring and summer, which is why I love cardigans so much. I bought this brown one from Old Navy a few weeks ago and I’m loving this long cardigan for spring. Read More

Trench Coat Two Ways | A Wardrobe Staple

spring work outfitI love my trench coat. It brings me joy. It’s starting to show a little wear in some places, but I bought it six years ago on sale for $60 from Banana Republic.

First of all, I got an amazing deal on this trench coat. I think it was 50% off. At the time, I was finishing college and $60 was a lot of money for me to spend on anything, even a coat. Now, especially after getting so much use out of this coat, I feel like they practically paid me to leave the store with it!

A trench coat is one of those timeless pieces I believe should be in everyone’s wardrobe. Women and men alike, really. A trench coat is perfect to wear in the spring, and also during fall. A classic trench can be dressed up with your work wear, or even dressed down with jeans and tennis shoes. Read More

Grey Swing Dress | Spring Outfit Essentials

grey swing dress and Fossil crossbodyLast weekend felt like spring was finally here! When I cleaned out my closet I got rid of lots of off season items, which it’s now getting to be the season for. 🙂 A few weeks ago I ordered this grey swing dress from Gap, and I was happy to wear it last weekend with the beautiful weather we were having. I styled it with some of my spring essentials from past years.

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Blush and Nude Tones for Spring

blush and nude tones for springHappy Monday! The weather this weekend was so perfect, and it’s finally feeling like spring! Speaking of, blush and nude tones are sticking around this spring, and I’m not mad about it. Blush is a beautiful hue on pretty much every skin tone.

I’ve incorporated blush, nude, coral, and rose gold into this spring-inspired outfit for work. It’s a little on the casual side with the chambray top, but the patent leather heels and statement necklace dress it up a bit.
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