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Life Lately – 32 Weeks Pregnant and Ready for Fall

Happy Friday, Friends! I thought I’d mix things up a little bit today and share a life lately post. Since life is a little more than fun recipe ideas and cute outfits, I thought I’d share a little bit about what else has been going on. Warning, unedited iPhone images ahead! 😉

I sort of thought life would start slowing down in my third trimester, but I guess it doesn’t just happen automatically- ha! I actually have to take a break every now and then. 🙂 I’m 32 weeks pregnant, and while I’ve avoided so many unpleasant pregnancy symptoms and have been truly blessed with a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, I’m definitely feeling pregnant these days! Our little boy is getting bigger and I’m starting to feel squished. I’m sure he is too! Read More

Loving Lately No. 3

Starry Eyed Blonde - Here are some things I'm loving lately!It’s been a little while since my last loving lately post and there are lots of things I’m loving these days! I’ve put together some of my favorite products (not sponsored!), links, podcasts, etc. down below.

Life gets really busy, and sometimes it’s nice to slow down and take an inventory of all the good things, no matter how small. Read More

Tulip Sleeve Top + Life Lately Update

spring maternity style

Happy Monday! We had another busy weekend. It’s like we can’t escape the to-do list. Do you ever feel like you can’t catch up?

I’m sure I’ll document fun house projects in the future- specifically the soon to start transformation of the room we’ll use for baby. So far all we’ve done is clear out old furniture and make a mess of the closet. We had just a hanging bar and a shelf, which Mathew removed two weeks ago. We were hoping to make some progress on that this weekend, but we decided at the last minute to take a bunch of things over to my mom’s house and have a garage sale… no big deal.

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Oh Baby! We’re Having a Baby!

pregnancy announcementSurprise! Mathew and I are thrilled to announce we’re expecting a new family member later this year! We are feeling so blessed with this news, and have had such fun sharing it with friends and family over the past few weeks. We are looking forward to meeting Baby Crawley this fall.

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Essential Oils + Scent Bursts | How do you make your home smell good?

Essential Oil DiffuserHappy Monday! I’m back in action this week. Thanks for being gracious as I took a break. I have some fun content planned for this week and next, so stay tuned!

No matter how busy life gets, I’m always thankful for our home. Our house is a calming place where I can unwind and relax. Today I thought it might be fun to chat about how you make your house smell good? I’ve been trying some new things lately including essential oils and something called a scent burst, and I want to know what you’re using? Read More