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What It’s Like to Shop After Decluttering My Wardrobe

What it's like to shop after decluttering my wardrobe using the Marie "KonMarie" Kondo MethodThis year I’ve been very successful so far in decluttering my home, including my wardrobe. I wrote about my experience using the Marie “KonMari” Kondo method of decluttering from her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up here. In a separate post, I talked about how clearing my closet of clothing items I don’t love helped me better see the items I do love¬†and has made creating outfits much easier (read that one here).

Those posts have been pretty popular, and since it’s been a couple of weeks, I decided to add this post to the mix. What is it like to shop after decluttering my wardrobe? Let me tell you all about it. Read More

How to Meal Plan like a Pro + FREE Download

How to Meal Plan Like a Pro | PLUS a FREE DownloadI love outfit posts as much as the next person, but I’m not just here to look cute- I like to be helpful also. ūüėČ Often times I ask myself:¬†Self, what do your readers need help with?¬†I try to think of my everyday life and the tools and resources I use to make my weeks a little easier. Posts that have resulted from asking myself these kinds of questions include¬†the secret to keeping an organized house, ¬†how to plan and organize your week like a pro, mastering your to-do list, and why you feel like you have nothing to wear and what to do about it. Today,¬†we’re talking about meal planning, PLUS I’m sharing an amazing download with you (for free) that will help you meal plan like a rockstar. Read More

7 Simple Ways to Embrace a Minimalist Lifestyle

How to Embrace a Minimalist LifestyleMinimalism is in, clutter and distractions are out. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been paying more attention to living with less, or if it’s because¬†I’ve shifted my focus to other things, but I’ve been hearing lots about the “less is more” approach to life.

Personally, I’m loving everything I’m hearing. I would not describe myself as a “minimalist” but I’m definitely trying to embrace a few concepts in my own life. I know I’ve been talking quite a bit about my experience discarding clutter from my home using the KonMari Method, and that’s just one step toward minimalism.

Not only am I sensing this shift toward minimalism, but there is also a theme of quality over quantity. Here are some ideas on how to embrace a minimalist lifestyle that maximizes your quality of life.  Read More

Dream Closet Inspiration, A Minimalist Approach

minimalist closetImage via

I used to have major closet envy every time I saw one of those HUGE walk-in closets on Pinterest. You know the ones, rows of shoes, racks of clothes, dripping with glittery accessories. After reorganizing my closet, I have a little less envy, and I’m more content with the things I do have. However, it can still be fun to dream about a closet so big, we can really call it a dressing room.¬† Read More

Why You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Wear & What to Do About It

spring basics - stripes, skinnies and loafersWe’ve all had these mornings: Wake up, roll out of bed, shuffle to the closet. Peer inside said closet to see multiple articles of clothing. Nothing inspires making any choices. Blink again. Hmm… nothing to wear. Blink harder to reset. Nothing still. Shuffle to the bathroom and put choosing an outfit off for another 10 minutes. Come back to the closet. Still nothing. Throw head back and cry at the ceiling, I have nothing to wear!¬†

If you haven’t experienced this, then I would really like to meet you. Seriously. Send me an email.

For years I thought not having anything to wear was because I really didn’t have anything to wear. Well, obviously there were clothes in the closet, but, I felt like I didn’t have the¬†right pieces. I tried to solve this problem with shopping. Read More