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My Hospital Bag + Postpartum Must Haves

My Hospital Bag & Postpartum Must Haves (For C-Section)

If you’re following along on Instagram or Facebook, or you subscribe to my newsletter, you probably saw that we welcomed our baby boy into the world last week. Benjamin Allen came into this world on Sunday, November 5th. I’ll share a more formal introduction to his arrival later on, but today I wanted to share what I packed in my hospital bag and also some of my favorite postpartum items as I recover from my C-section. Read More

Pregnancy Self-Care | 5 Things to Do Before Baby

Pregnancy Self Care | 5 Things to Do Before Baby ArrivesIf you’re expecting, you’re sure to have a mile-long checklist of things to do before your baby arrives. I know, I’ve been slowly but surely chipping away at my to-do list for the past several weeks.

The first trimester of pregnancy is full of anticipation and excitement and sharing the news with friends and loved ones. The second trimester is the honeymoon phase where symptoms are often at a low and energy is high enough to get lots of things done. The third trimester is all about surviving pregnancy discomfort and preparing every last detail for baby.

But somewhere in the mix, it’s important to pause and take a little time for yourself.

Is self-care on your list? Read More

Staying Active During Pregnancy

Staying Active During Pregnancy

Okay, because we’re all friends here, I’m going to be super real and tell you I have zero authority on this subject. (Insert laughing/crying emoji here.) But seriously, I snack more than I should and working out and staying active has been a challenge for me since week 8 of my pregnancy.

Things started off great, and I thought, This isn’t so bad! during the first few weeks of my pregnancy. I continued to go to hot yoga and felt pretty great about my activity level and the healthy foods I was eating.

Then the first trimester exhaustion kicked in. Then my appetite changed. I thought things would improve in my second trimester, but my energy didn’t come back the way I had hoped. I was able to increase my activity, but still not to the starry-eyed level of active I had imagined. Read More

My Second Trimester Must-Haves

Sharing My Second-Trimester Must-HavesAdmittedly, I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. There has been no morning sickness, no insane cravings, I’ve been getting decent sleep, and my hormones haven’t set off a World War.

While pregnancy hasn’t been miserable, it also hasn’t been a cake walk. The second trimester has brought lots of body changes that have been difficult to cope with. Adding an extra 10-15 pounds of body weight is about as fun as it sounds. Today I’m sharing some must-haves that have been helping me make the most of this phase in my pregnancy. Read More

5 Things You Can Do to Feel Instantly Put Together

Easy Style - Black T-Shirt DressSee original post here. Outfit Details: t-shirt dress – Gap | utility jacket – J.Crew Factory, similar| necklace – similar, this one is cute too | crawler earrings – similar | wood watch – JORD | market tote – J.Crew | wedge sandals – similar | sunglasses – Target | lipstick – Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Nude Delight

I love work from home days. I’m thankful I have a job that allows my schedule to be somewhat flexible and that I can work from home a couple days each month. The best part about those days? Sleeping in (no commute!) and not having to get ready.

I know that some people who work from home every day find that they get their best work done when they do have a morning routine, but I don’t do it every day and I’m not a morning person. Nope.

I roll out of bed and stroll out to the couch with my laptop. I’ll work for a bit, then have some breakfast, then work til lunch. On sunny days I’ll maybe take a walk around the neighborhood at lunch and get ready after that. But some days, I just hang out in my cozy clothes ’til 5. It’s all fine and dandy until my husband comes home and we have dinner plans with friends. Oops!

All of a sudden I have about 15 minutes to look like I haven’t been sitting inside all day working in my pj’s.  Read More