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The Best Thing About My Pregnancy

The Best Part of Pregnancy

I can’t believe yesterday was our little guy’s due date, and he’s already been a part of our family for just shy of two weeks. All the mom cliches are totally true, and I find myself thinking that time is flying by- they grow up so fast!

Several weeks ago a dear friend of mine who is on her second pregnancy asked me what my favorite part of being pregnant had been so far.

It took me a minute to think of a response, but once it came to mind I wondered why it took me so long to think of it.

Early on in my pregnancy, I had sort of an ah-ha moment where I realized something I’d never thought of before. It moved me deeply and has been a special part of my pregnancy all along. Read More

My Hospital Bag + Postpartum Must Haves

My Hospital Bag & Postpartum Must Haves (For C-Section)

If you’re following along on Instagram or Facebook, or you subscribe to my newsletter, you probably saw that we welcomed our baby boy into the world last week. Benjamin Allen came into this world on Sunday, November 5th. I’ll share a more formal introduction to his arrival later on, but today I wanted to share what I packed in my hospital bag and also some of my favorite postpartum items as I recover from my C-section. Read More

Pregnancy Self-Care | 5 Things to Do Before Baby

Pregnancy Self Care | 5 Things to Do Before Baby ArrivesIf you’re expecting, you’re sure to have a mile-long checklist of things to do before your baby arrives. I know, I’ve been slowly but surely chipping away at my to-do list for the past several weeks.

The first trimester of pregnancy is full of anticipation and excitement and sharing the news with friends and loved ones. The second trimester is the honeymoon phase where symptoms are often at a low and energy is high enough to get lots of things done. The third trimester is all about surviving pregnancy discomfort and preparing every last detail for baby.

But somewhere in the mix, it’s important to pause and take a little time for yourself.

Is self-care on your list? Read More

Organizing For Your Lifestyle

Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to SuitcasesIf you’ve been reading here for a little while, you probably know I love organizing. I’ve always been a very organized person and I read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up earlier this year and took my wardrobe and my home to the next level of organization. And I can tell you how thankful I am for having organized every inch of our home after our basement recently flooded.

Yes, that’s right. Monday morning we woke up to no hot water and a water heater that had burst and flooded our basement with over 200 gallons of water. Thankfully, I knew what we had in storage that needed to be found, moved and dried out. Also, we use plastic totes and shelves for storage in our basement, so damage to personal items was very minimal. I know if I hadn’t spent time organizing the basement earlier this year, and gone through a second round of purging and donating to Goodwill this summer, it would have been an even more stressful situation.

So, whether you’ve always been an organized person or you still need to jump on the bandwagon, there are serious benefits to knowing your home’s inventory and organizing and protecting your personal possessions.

Today I’m excited to be sharing a book I read recently by Jane Stroller called Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases.  Read More

10 Fun Things To Do This Fall

10 Fun Things to do This FallFall is in full swing and the weather, though it’s been rainy this week, is getting on board too. Finally, it’s not 75 degrees! Today I’m sharing some ideas of different things you can do to fully embrace the fall season.

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. My birthday and anniversary are this time of year, I really love all things fall baking, layering with scarves and jackets is one of my favorite things, and we live in one of the most beautiful areas to experience fall.

So far, we’ve enjoyed some fall baking, we’ve picked pumpkins, and decorated our front porch. This week we’re going to see the musical Wicked which is touring in our city, and Mathew has mentioned he’d like to watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown so we’ll probably do that this week too. We’ve got plans to carve pumpkins this weekend and also shop for Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters next week.

Before we know it it will be Thanksgiving! Crazy! But, let’s not rush. There are still so many weeks of fall left to enjoy. Here are some ideas for fun fall activities.
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