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How to Purge Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps

How to Purge Your Closet in 5 Simple Steps

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and her KonMari method of organizing (you can read about my big closet cleanout here).

There were so many times I thought, I should clean out my closet and see if I can donate anything, and I’d only ever pull out a few things. I didn’t realize it then, but I was going about it the wrong way. Instead of opening my closet, looking inside, and wondering what can I part with?, I needed to take everything out and ask instead, what should I keep?

Once I made that realization, it made purging so much easier. Here are some simple steps to help you purge and clean out your wardrobe.

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Our Cloth Diaper Experience (So Far)

Cloth DiapersI’ve had some questions about our experience using cloth diapers so I ran a little Instagram poll a few weeks ago and asked if you would be interested in a blog post about it, and you were! I’m excited to share a little more about our choice to use cloth, which diaper system we’re using, what we do with the poo, and what products help make cloth diapering a little easier for us.

Before I get into things, I am not a cloth diapering expert, I don’t think cloth is the best choice for every family, and we’ve only been doing this for a few months with a breastfed baby so it’s been pretty easy so far. We still have a long way to go before this babe is out of diapers, and I know things will get worse when we introduce foods. Read More

How to Thrive During Winter

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Last week, Mathew and I took Benjamin to the Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park for a little relief from the cold. It was a nice, tropical reminder of what warm weather feels like.

Winters can be tough. Cold temps, cloudy days, snowy roads, dry skin. I would say I enjoy all the seasons, but winters in West Michigan seem a little long after a while. It’s not the cold so much as the clouds that get to me. Today I wanted to share five tips for thriving in winter. Read More

How to Fold an Infant Onesie

How to fold an infant onesieI can’t tell you how excited I was to wash and organize baby clothes when I was pregnant. After tidying and organizing my entire home (including my wardrobe) using the KonMari method from Marie Kondo, I was curious how to tackle baby clothes, since that’s not a specific topic covered in the book.

I use Marie Kondo’s suggested method of folding clothes (you can watch her how-to video here) for most of my wardrobe and also my husband’s wardrobe. But, like I mentioned, she doesn’t really cover children’s clothing.

Obviously, some baby clothes can be folded similarly to full-size clothing, like pants for example. But what about the teeny tiny infant wardrobe? What about the elusive onesie with the little snaps at the bottom?

Determined to take my organizing obsession to new heights, I set out for an answer. I was so proud when I figured out the best way to fold an infant onesie, and I’m excited to share it with you. Read More

Benjamin’s Birth Story

Benjamin's Birth StoryI can’t believe our sweet Benjamin is already a month old! I wanted to write down his birth story not only to share, but also because I want to be able to remember the special details. I’ve always enjoyed reading other women’s birth experiences, but I especially enjoyed reading these stories while I was pregnant.

From all the stories I read, heard from friends, and been told by other moms (the good, the bad, and the ugly), I felt like I had a pretty good idea of all the great and awful things that can happen during labor, and I was pretty confident I couldn’t be sure of anything going into my own labor. Women’s bodies are amazing. It’s incredible how different each woman, each pregnancy, and each birth is.

This blog post is super long. I wanted to remember the day our baby was born, but also the events leading up to our c-section because really it’s all part of the same story. I tried to include some detail about the actual c-section. I didn’t have the opportunity to read many c-section experiences, and as a result there were a few things which surprised me because I didn’t fully know what to expect. Hopefully this story might help another mama prepare for a c-section. Read More