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Green Chef Review | Why We Love This Meal Subscription Plan!

Green Chef meal subscription ReviewLet me start by saying this is not a sponsored post! We tried Green Chef and loved it so much we ordered another box, and I decided to share what we’re loving on the blog. Sound good? This is my Green Chef review! 🙂 (PS- if you’re interested in trying this, I have a code if you scroll down to get 4 meals for free)

A few weeks ago I shared how I meal plan each month. We definitely use recipes and grocery lists to stay on top of planning meals each week. I tried Green Chef using a promotional code from another blogger, and we loved all three meals that came in our first box. Read More

How to Meal Plan like a Pro + FREE Download

How to Meal Plan Like a Pro | PLUS a FREE DownloadI love outfit posts as much as the next person, but I’m not just here to look cute- I like to be helpful also. 😉 Often times I ask myself: Self, what do your readers need help with? I try to think of my everyday life and the tools and resources I use to make my weeks a little easier. Posts that have resulted from asking myself these kinds of questions include the secret to keeping an organized house,  how to plan and organize your week like a pro, mastering your to-do list, and why you feel like you have nothing to wear and what to do about it. Today, we’re talking about meal planning, PLUS I’m sharing an amazing download with you (for free) that will help you meal plan like a rockstar. Read More

Short Cut Pulled Pork Nachos

Easy Pulled Pork NachosThese pulled pork nachos are the and they’re super duper simple to make.

Sometimes I get a little to wrapped up in homemade when it comes to meals. We try our best to eat healthy and make most of our meals at home. I’m actually going to be sharing how we meal plan in a few weeks with a download that I’m pretty excited about, so stay tuned for that.

Anyways, we don’t always have time during the week for long recipes. These pulled pork nachos take almost no time at all, and they’re reasonably healthy. I wanted to share this quick recipe with you. I would say it’s not even really cooking, it’s really just a matter of assembling the ingredients. Read More

5 Chocolate Sweet Treats to Make for Your Valentine

Fice Chocolate Treats to make for your ValentineFebruary?! What’s happening? I swear, each day goes by just a bit quicker than the last. Valentine’s Day is just under two weeks away, so today I’m sharing some sweet treats you can make to share with your valentine. Oh, and of course they all involve some level of chocolate. Read More

Sour Orange Pie Recipe (Gluten Free Option)

Sour Orange Pie Recipe | Gluten Free optionDo you always have birthday cake on your birthday? I’ve known a few people throughout childhood and beyond who prefer other things, like a giant cookie, for example. My birthday falls right after my younger brother’s birthday, so growing up I would sometimes request pie instead of cake. My husband’s birthday was a few weeks ago, and one of his favorite things is picking out a birthday treat for me to make. One of my favorite things is baking him something I know he’ll love on his special day of days. This year Mathew chose this recipe for Sour Orange Pie from Cook’s Country. Read More