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Freezer Meals | How to Plan, Prep, and Organize

How to plan, prep, and organize freezer meals.If you follow along on Instagram, you maybe saw that a few weeks ago I shared in my stories that Mathew and I prepared a bunch of freezer meals to make after baby arrived. We made our first meal from the bunch last week and we made a second last night. Mathew and I both enjoy cooking and making dinner together, and we’ve never prepped a big batch of freezer meals before. Some of you were curious about what we made and how we organized everything, so I thought I’d write up a post.

Whether you’re expecting a baby or not, freezer meals are a great way to save time and sanity and still get dinner on the table.

Sure, you can stock up on Stauffer’s Lasagna and boxes of spaghetti, but nothing beats a homecooked meal. Plus, if you’re gluten free like I am there are fewer freezer meal options for the famliy.

Here’s how we broke everything down and organized for a successful day of cooking. Read More

Thanksgiving Dish To Pass Inspiration

Make Ahead Cornbread StuffingImage Via

How much of Thanksgiving Dinner are you responsible for this year? All of it? None of it? If you’re like most people, you’re probably somewhere in between. Mathew and I hosted 14 people for Thanksgiving one year. Our kitchen is tiny. We (ahem- Mathew) insisted on making everything for dinner. Never again!

Haha, we did ask guests to bring an appetizer for beforehand or a dessert to share afterward, but we really did make everything from the turkey down to every side dish. And there were a lot! We had to borrow our neighbor’s oven to get everything on the table for dinner. It was fun and the food was delicious and we were beaming with pride.

We’re fortunate to live close enough to both our families that usually we can just show up with a dish to pass and a dessert to share.

No matter where you fall, you may already have Thanksgiving on the brain. I thought I’d dive into Pinterest and search high and low through some of my favorite food blogger content to pull some of the best Thanksgiving food inspiration out there. I’ve pulled a bunch of ideas for dishes to pass and also some great dessert recipes as well. Read More

Fall Baking Inspiration

Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Bread + Other Fall Baking InspirationImage Via

Happy Friday! Since that fall weather is in full swing, I’m fully prepared for some fall baking. A few weeks ago Mathew and I baked a delicious deep dish apple pie and last Sunday night we made chocolate chip pumpkin bars. I love all the fall baking spices that make the house smell so delicious when the oven is on.

Today I thought I’d share some delicious looking recipes from Pinterest for a little fall baking inspiration. Read More

6 Must-Try Fall Soups

6 Soups to Try This Fall
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Woo hoo! Bring on the fall weather! I’m all about things cooling down because that means it’s time to heat things up in the kitchen! Fall soups anyone?

Too cheesy?

😉 Okay, but seriously, I love making delicious comfort food this time of year. My husband and I love making soups and chili for dinner. Any meal that can be made in (mostly) one pot is a definite winner in our book!

So, today I’m rounding up some favorites to help inspire your soup game this fall. Read More

Healthy Recipes to Try This Summer

Vegan Red Pepper PastaHappy Friday! I have my glucose test this morning, so life is feeling slightly less happy for me this morning. Fingers crossed this all goes well!

Knowing this test was coming up had me planning for extra healthy meals the past few weeks and I thought I’d write a post and share some ideas for healthy recipes with you all. Read More