Our Favorite Newborn Products + 3 Month Update


How is my little boy already three months old? During my pregnancy, another mama wisely warned me not to wish away any stage. She said, don’t wish away your last weeks of pregnancy, don’t wish away the nighttime feedings, or teething, or potty training. The days are long but the weeks are fast. Truer words have never been spoken.

Some days feel like a continuous cycle of feedings and diaper changes, but the weeks go by so quickly.

Today I wanted to share a little update on how things are going with me and with Benjamin, but I also wanted to share some products that we really loved during the first three months.

Three Months Postpartum

Wow. Three months post c-section. My recovery was pretty smooth. I wasn’t sure what to expect after my c-section, but it was incredibly difficult the first two weeks trying to recover from a major abdominal surgery, care for a newborn, and get the hang of breastfeeding.

At the end of my pregnancy, my belly was pretty big (you can see some photos of me at 38 weeks here). I gained about 40 pounds throughout pregnancy, which was a bit more than I wanted to gain. My tummy shrunk almost immediately in the hospital. I was surprised at how small it was when we went home. I was still a little puffy when we had our family photos taken at two weeks (see them here), and even smaller after four weeks (see here). Breastfeeding has really helped me to lose weight these past several weeks. I have been eating relatively healthy and only recently started working out and I’ve got about 10-15 pounds left to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Breastfeeding has been both wonderful and difficult. It took us a few weeks to really get the hang of things, and I was afraid of my breast pump at first (sounds silly, but I was so intimidated about pumping). I didn’t try pumping until probably three weeks postpartum, but once I got a little milk stored in the freezer I felt less stressed about breastfeeding in general. Having a few frozen ounces as a safety net made a big difference in my stress level about nursing. (I’m happy to write another blog post with more details about our breastfeeding experience if anyone is interested? Just let me know!)

I’ve been trying to balance sleeping with being productive. Some days and weeks I’m better at it than others. Postpartum hormones can be super sneaky. One of my girlfriends told me that she cried every day after her son was born for the first week or two. No specific reason, she just would randomly start to cry during the day. It was good to know that ahead of time because I definitely had some hormone-induced cry sessions during those early weeks. Even though I’m still breastfeeding, I feel like my hormones have leveled off some. Now if I feel weepy it’s usually because I’m tired and didn’t get enough sleep.

Sleep! That’s the other thing. I was sleeping horribly during my third trimester. I had a feeling I would start sleeping better after giving birth, and I was right. My sleep may be interrupted for a night time feed, but when I do sleep, the quality of sleep is so much better. Plus, since I’m not working I can grab a nap during the day if I need it.

I’m hoping to keep nursing as long as both Benjamin and I are enjoying it and I’m really hoping to get my bum into gear over the next several weeks with exercising to keep losing weight.

You can read Benjamin’s birth story here and more about my postpartum must haves here.

Three Months Old

I feel like our baby is already a little boy. When I look back at his newborn pictures, he seems so tiny compared to now. He’s grown so much since birth! He was 7lbs 13oz at birth and weighed 13lbs at his two-month appointment. He’s probably up another pound or more by now and he’s grown over 4 inches since birth! He’s a long little guy. He’s currently wearing 3-6 month clothing and he fits into size two diapers.

Benjamin is exclusively taking breastmilk. We waited until Benjamin was almost 4 weeks old to try a bottle. I mostly nurse him for each feeding, but we try to give him one bottle a day so he knows how to take both.

At the beginning of the year, we switched from disposable diapers to using cloth diapers. I’ll share more about our cloth diaper journey later, but so far it’s going well!

As far as milestones go, he started smiling around 6 weeks and started cooing shortly after that. He’s rolled from his tummy to his back about six times, but now that he’s wearing cloth diapers, the bulk is weighing him down a bit more. 🙂 He slept through the night two nights in a row at eight weeks, and just a few other times since then. He gets up only once to eat, usually between 3:30-5am.

He loves to make eye contact and smile and ‘talk.’ He started laughing occasionally and I can’t wait for it to become more regular. He doesn’t mind baths or diaper changes and is a pretty happy baby most of the time.

You can see Benjamin’s nursery here and some of his newborn photos here.

Our Favorite Newborn Products

Toys. Obviously, new babies don’t do a whole lot of playing with toys, but there are a few things we’ve really loved. I bought a baby mirror (similar here) for Benjamin and put it on his changing table when he was about two weeks old. He loved looking at himself in the mirror and still likes to use it. We use this play gym from IKEA (Only $25!) and these link rings. We love reading books together and our favorite is the Little Blue Truck. Sometimes we’ll put Benjamin in his Rock and Play and he likes the toys that hang from the canopy. We added some links so the toys are long enough for him to bat with his arms. He loves swinging his arms around and hitting the toys. He also loves this Jellycat plush dog toy and slobbers all over it. It’s pretty cute.


Feeding. We love our Boppy nursing pillow. I still use it, and my husband will use it when he gives the baby a bottle too. One thing I like about the Boppy pillow is that it has other functions too, such as use for tummy time or baby lounging. We’ve been using Dr. Brown’s glass bottles for bottle feeding and I like them for the most part, but we have had some trouble with leaking. These are our favorite burp cloths. I use a Medela pump for pumping (I got one through my insurance, but this is the same pump) as well as Medela bottles and bags for storing. I love these reusable nursing pads and these sleep time nursing bras. These tanks are my favorites.

Sleep time.  Right now we have Benjamin sleeping in a Rock n Play sleeper in our room. I briefly considered a larger bassinet, but our room is pretty small and I like that this sleeper is small and folds easily. I hope to have him sleeping in his room soon! We have this crib in the nursery and he usually sleeps in his crib in a DockATot for naps during the day. Because our house is pretty small, I usually turn on this sound machine during his naps so I don’t wake him up. We use this sleep sack for bedtime. One must-have for his nursery has been a dimmer switch. Having the light on a dimmer is a life saver, especially at night.

Hygiene. To keep our little guy squeaky clean we’ve been using Shea Moisture baby wash and lotion. I love this brand for myself and I trust the ingredients for Benjamin- plus I love the smell. For bathtime, we have just been using this bath sponge. It’s inexpensive and perfect for giving little baths without submerging him in water or having to fill the tub. I’ll probably start using a tub soon because he’s getting too long for the sponge. The IKEA bath towel has been our favorite.

We’ve also been loving Fridababy products. The snot sucker is the best for boogies (we use it with saline drops sometimes) and the nail kit is the best for filing newborn nails and trimming them once he got a little older. We totally skipped registering for a baby health care kit and just bought what was recommended by other mamas.

We were gifted Pampers Swaddlers plus some Honest brand diapers at a baby shower which got us through the first several weeks of diapering Benjamin and since then we’ve been using these cloth diapers. We decided to go with an all-in-one system because it’s pretty simple to use as far as cloth diapering goes. I did a poll on Instagram, and so many of you were curious to learn more about our cloth diaper experience so far, so I’ll be working on a blog post with more detail on that. For wipes, we’ve been using these flannel wipes with this bum wash. Right now we wash it all in Charlie Banana laundry soap.

Baby Gear. We decided to get the Chicco brand infant carseat, and after trying a few strollers out at the store, we went with this travel system. The carseat with this travel system comes with a boot that covers the seat and we also love using this stroller blanket to throw over the top if it’s windy or snowy out. Benjamin and I have been loving our Ergobaby carrier.

If you’re looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag, I recommend the Fawn Design brand. I love the design of the original bag. I have the mini (see it here) and it’s really well made. If you’re looking for something more affordable, I actually have a dupe of the brand’s original size bag (last carried here) that’s under $50 on Amazon (shop it here). It’s a great option, although I would say the FD brand bag is higher quality. Size wise, I recommend the original size bag- the mini is great for on the go but doesn’t fit enough for all the diapering essentials- especially if you’re doing cloth.

What are some newborn products you mamas loved for your babes? Is there a gift you always purchase for new moms or a product recommendation you always give? Is there something you recommend for the next stage? We don’t have a stand up play gym (they’re so bulky!) is that something you swore by, or can we go without?



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