My Faith

Having faith in God has been an important part of who I am and how I choose to live my life. My faith in Christ is an inherent part of who I am as a person. Jesus never promised that following Him would be easy, and I’m far from perfect. I will never claim to be the perfect person. I’m a sinner saved by grace. Anything and everything good in my life is a gift from God.

The story of how my faith has grown and developed over the years is a long one. My faith and my character continue to be tested, shaping me into the person I am today. Sharing faith and life is an important part of our community as Christians. However, I find requests for testimonials somewhat impossible. How can I fit all the years of reading, studying, questioning, listening, praying, and belief into a brief story?

I like to compare my journey to faith with that of the blind man in the gospel of John. This man was born blind, and one day approached Jesus for healing. Jesus rubbed mud over the man’s eyes and directed him to go wash in a fountain. Because of the man’s faith, he was healed. No one could believe it. No family member nor person from the community could understand how he had come to see for the first time in his life after having been born blind. It was unbelievable. He was brought for questioning, and asked, “How has this happened? Who is the man who healed you?” After much interrogation, and after telling the story several times, the man sums everything up as best as he can by saying, “One thing I do know. I was blind and now I see!” To put it simply, this too is the story of my faith. I was blind, and now I see.

After growing up in the protestant church, I began to explore Catholicism as a young adult. After getting married and attending Catholic church for a few years I decided to become Catholic, and completed the RCIA process with my brother-in-law. In April 2014 I celebrated my first communion, and officially joined the Catholic Church. Since then, I have continued to deepen my faith and draw closer to God. I love the Eucharist and being able to partake in the body and blood of Christ with my husband as well as all other Catholics around the world as we unite to celebrate mass and worship God.

My faith has continued to grow through the blessing of marriage. Here is a great homily about the similarities of marriage to understanding the holy trinity. Another video I came across recently is this one titled, Why Be Catholic and Not Just Christian?

My husband and I attend and participate in parish life at St. Robert church. If you have questions about what I believe or are curious about my RCIA journey to become Catholic, please know that I welcome all questions!

You can read about the blind man in the book of John here.

My Faith